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This firm was initially named Bangun Natanael Ridwan Law Firm (known as “BnR Law Firm”).

BNR Law Firm was founded by Antoni Bangun, Andy Natanael Manik and Ridwan Husni, as a partnership of legal consultants in Indonesian business law in 2001. in 2013, based on deed no. 47, dated 26 march 2013, BnR Law Firm changed its name to Andy Natanael & Ridwan Law Firm, also known as AnR Law Firm.

The establishment of ANR Law Firm was based on the increasing need for legal services and the need to raise legal awareness in Indonesia, both in terms of solutions to legal problems and the mitigation of legal risks in business. This is also supported by the increasing complexity in running businesses and society’s need to comply with legal aspects of its life.

Area of Practice

We provide comprehensive and optima legal services in accordance with the concrete needs of the client.

Criminal & Civil Litigation

ANR Law Firm provides legal services in the Litigation area, either Criminal or Civil. For criminal litigation, we provide legal services at the level of the Police Force, Prosecutor’s Office, up until in court procedure. For civil litigation, we provide legal services at the level of negotiation, mediation, until full-dress trial.

General Corporate

ANR Law Firm has wide experience in various areas of general Corporate Law. Including but not limited to all aspects of commercial negotiations, contract drafting, corporate commercial litigation, and intellectual property rights arrangements (patents, trademark, and copyrights). We also advise clients in various sectors such as oil and mining, hotel and tourism, manufacturing, agency, trading and distribution, transportation, aviation and cross border transactions.

Domestic & Foreign Capital Investment

ANR Law Firm provides advice to Clients regarding Indonesian investment law. We also assist clients in obtaining all permits in the establishment of new companies, permanent establishment, foreign direct investment, joint ventures, franchise, sole agency, distributor, etc.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ANR Law Firm provides alternative dispute resolutions in solving the Client’s problems. ANR Law Firm always prioritises solving disputes outside of the courtroom as we believe it would be more beneficial to the Client in terms of saving time and money. The settlement of the dispute is conducted outside of the court through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.

Manpower & Immigration

ANR Law Firm assists Clients in the Manpower area and proceed with expatriate documents in the immigration department for legal entities and/ or individual, multinational and domestic companies.


ANR Law Firm provides services in the field of insurance law, especially in insurance litigation. We always put forward legal normative and communication approach patterns based on varied and complex experiences to assist clients in running the insurance business. We have experience in handling insurance cases at various levels of the courts, prosecutors and police, making us one of the law firms that are considered in the insurance industry.

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